We’re FARO Technologies, Inc.

The CAD Zone is now FARO Technologies, Inc!

Historically, CAD (Computer-aided Drawing or Drafting) programs were only used by engineers and architects. Since 1990, The CAD Zone has been making this power usable for fire fighters, law enforcement officers, investigators and fire protection engineers.

Only true CAD programs have the coordinate accuracy and powerful drawing tools needed to create accurate, detailed, site drawings. Unfortunately, general-purpose CAD programs are also very difficult to learn to use because they have  to be good for drawing anything.  The huge number of features make them overwhelming for most people to learn. The CAD Zone has created a unique user interface that allows users to apply these powerful CAD tools to their specific type of drawing, giving you the power of CAD in a much more usable program.

CAD Zone programs are filled with special tools we have developed just to make your job easier. Instead of trying to draw a weapon or clothing that was found at a crime scene – just select and place one of the many pre-drawn symbols. Instead of drawing many lines and arcs to construct an intersection – use the special Easy Intersection toolbox and just point and click to get exactly what you want. Instead of trying to draw in 3D – use the 3D Builder tool to elevate and assign heights to your 2D objects, then click one button to view your scene in 3D.

We’ve done most of the work for you by developing so many tools that make your  job easier. You just need to take your measurements and select the tool for the object you want to draw, whether it’s an intersection, a building footprint, a door, a stairwell, a ramp, or one of the thousands of  pre-drawn symbols. We’ve even added easy-to-use animation tools so you can create animations of crash and crime scenes.

While we’ve done our best to make all CAD Zone programs easy-to-use, we know you will still have questions. If you ever need help, just call our support staff. Technical support is always free!

The CAD Zone – 4790 SW Watson – Beaverton, OR 97005

Phone: (800) 641-9077 or (503) 641-1342
FAX: (503) 641-9077

For more information, visit: www.cadzone.com or Email us at info@cadzone.com