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Whether they like it or not, Law Enforcement officers, Crash Investigators and Reconstructionists need to draw. They usually have many other things they would rather spend their time doing, but having an accurate, neat diagram of the crash scene is critical to their investigation.

Crash Zone 3D crash scene diagram

3D Crash Scene drawn with The Crash Zone

The Crash Zone drawing software (The Crash Zone web page) is the ideal tool for Crash Investigators and Reconstructionists who want great diagrams. It is easy to learn and use because it has many unique features that are specifically for drawing crashes. It’s NOT for engineers or architects or someone drawing a house floor plan. The Crash Zone is ONLY for drawing crash scenes.

Your Drawing is as Accurate as Your Measurements

The graphics “engine” that is under the hood of The Crash Zone uses vector-based, double precision floating-point numbers on all points. What this means to us non-software engineers is that The Crash Zone is accurate! In fact, when you enter a measurement or when the program performs a calculation, the number is stored having 16 places to the right of the decimal point. Since your measurements probably are not that accurate, you can rest assured that your Crash Zone drawings are always as accurate as your measurements.

Everything is done in The Crash Zone to the actual measurements that you took at the scene. You never have to calculate a drawing scale as you draw. In other words, you always use a 1 to 1 scale. We’re used to having to scale our measurements to fit on a piece of paper, but The Crash Zone doesn’t have that restriction! Think of it like drawing on a sheet of paper that is infinitely large. If you want to draw a building that is 200’ x 150’, you just tell the program to create a rectangle with those measurements.

Being a vector-based program has plenty of other advantages over drawing programs that are pixel based. For example, when you draw a line, such as to show a skid mark or pavement stripe, you can draw it with the actual width that was measured at the scene. The program also has unlimited zooms – you can zoom in to get a good view of the smallest detail and the display will still be crisp and clean. There is never any “pixelation” where objects look like blobs when you zoom in on them.

Basic Features Make Drawing Easy

The Crash Zone includes all the basic drawing and editing commands you need to construct a basic diagram (view basic features).  You can draw roads, parking lots, driveways, buildings, and more, all to your exact measurement or just sketch them at an approximate size.  There are thousands of pre-drawn symbols of almost everything you will find at a crash, including vehicles, signs, trees, shrubs, street lights, traffic control items, weapons, and animals. Symbols can be placed in the diagram with any color, at any size and any rotation. Symbols are also included for drawing crime scenes and marine crashes.

Other features make it faster than ever to draw crash scenes.  Use the powerful Text and Dimension features to label and show distances for everything in your diagrams. Automatically turn any line, arc, or curve into a skid mark, guardrail, fence, railroad track, or any of the 60 other unique line types.  More than 50 patterns can be applied to show things like grass, concrete, water, blood, and hazmat spills.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry! The unlimited Undo/Redo feature lets you go back as many steps as   needed to correct your diagram.

Specific Tools Just for Drawing 2D/3D Crash Scenes

To really save you time, special construction toolboxes allow you to easily create complex intersections with turn lanes and medians, show a body in virtually any pose, import measurements from a total station, perform basic crash reconstruction calculations, show vehicle crush, and much more. An industry-standard Vehicle Specifications Database is included that allows you to select from thousands of vehicle symbols that exactly represent most types of vehicles that are on the road today. The Crash Zone is also compatible with most total station and laser measurement devices. The powerful Coordinate Data Table allows you to import the coordinates captured for your points, lines, and arcs, and preview them before placing them in your drawing.

With just one mouse click, you can see a 3D view of the scene (view 3D features). If you want to do more, use the 3D tools to change the elevation of objects, show signs and evidence on walls, align vehicles to sloped roadways, and create complex 3D surfaces.  By following a few simple steps, you can even create an accurate 3D animation of the crash. Draw the path of a vehicle (or any symbol), place Key Event Points to show where changes in velocity and rotation take place, and then just click to watch the animation. It’s the easiest way to create accurate animations of crash and crime scenes.

Listening to Users for Twenty Years

For more than twenty years, thousands of Law Enforcement officers, Crash Investigators and Crash Reconstructionists have made The Crash Zone their drawing program of choice. The CAD Zone developers constantly talk with users and their input helps make The Crash Zone more powerful and easier to use.  You continue to tell us what you want in your drawing program and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Technical support is always free, so you can call us anytime, 800-641-9077, or email us:  (

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