Self Help Training Materials Now Available on WWW.CADZONE.COM

training-menu-fullA large amount of documentation and training materials are available for anyone who wishes to learn how to use Crash Zone or Crime Zone.   Most CAD Zone users take advantage of the User’s Manual, tutorials, and training movies, to help them create their first drawings and to learn to use more advanced features like 3D and animation.

CAD Zone has created some new pages on their website where all the program documentation and training movies are being consolidated. We’ve gathered documentation from many sources and put it all on these pages. Here is how to find the training materials for your program:

1) Go to
2) Click the “Training & Docs” button at the top of the page.
3) Click the “Self Help” button for the program you are using.

The CAD Zone website has "Self Help" pages like this one with links to documentation and training movies.

The CAD Zone website has “Self Help” pages like this one with links to documentation and training movies.




Many programs, like Crime Zone and Crash Zone have one Self Help page for written documentation and one for movies. The movie page contains links to all the movies on The CAD Zone’s channel. There are program overview movies that show a summary of the program’s abilities and training movies that show how to use specific features.

The written documentation pages contain links to the program’s electronic help, user’s manuals, tutorials, and tip sheets.  The electronic help opens in your internet browser and the other documents are all in Adobe® Acrobat’s .pdf format. You can open them with the free Acrobat Reader program, available from this website:



The written documentation pages also have links to a number of “Tip Sheets” that have been created by the CAD Zone support staff. These sheets answer the questions most commonly asked by our users, including how to keep your software up to date, how to bring in aerial maps from Google® and Bing®, and what computer files you should save for cases that are going to court.


Check out all of the Tip Sheets. Even experienced users will probably find some new techniques or features they didn’t know about.

If you have any questions you would like to see answered, or ideas for new Tip Sheets, email them to

We’ll get them written up and posted on the web site!







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